The portfolio shows my personal work & photographic experiment

"Experimental warning"
"The sudden weightlessness trouble was only a bitter somnolence of the courage"
"Spellchecker sonata"
"The neverending game of human destruction"
"Breath bewilderment through nocturnals perfumes"
"Life's what's you make it"
"The day we'll reflect what we really are"
"The infinite sleeper and his appealing downward gravitation"
"Rewind button stuck"
"The submarine's era"
"Prelude to a re-generation"
"Shaking the worries on the battlegrounds of kidology"
"There will be a vallium sub this life"
"Why your body doesn't warm me anymore"
"The arch"
"Fake liquid lungs"
"Slowness of the morning Part I"
"The non rememberance of a far amnesia"
"Your voice is golden"